• Our online Quotes have Tripled!

    We are very pleased with our new website and the SEO improvements – our web-based quote requests have at least tripled and we have had lots of customers comment on how clean and professional looking our website is – thank you!
    Brent Mitchell, Owner - Premium Fence Company
  • Super Professional

    Dmitri Antos and Magmata have been super professional and on-time and responsive with all my design and layout projects. I highly recommend them!
    Chris Ballew, Frontman Presidents of the United States of America / Caspar Babypants -
  • Top Notch & Spot on!

    I have worked with Dmitri Antos of Magmata on a variety of layout projects that encompass a wide range of music genres. I’ve always found his work to be top notch and spot on! His attention to detail, professionalism and eye for setting things up properly, make things run smoothly and turn out wonderful. It’s always a pleasure working with him.
    Gaye Feighner, Project Manager - Discmakers
  • Quality Design

    Magmata has consistently been a source of quality design and web production for us. They've been extremely helpful with last-minute and emergency changes to our sites. They always meet and exceed our expectations!
    Jocelyn Beresford, Club Manager - Highway 99 Blues Club
  • Very Helpful & Detail Oriented

    Magmata has helped our business grow. Their e-commerce expertise is very customer service friendly. Very helpful and detail orientated. A must use company if you are building a website.
    Warren Raven, CEO - Wayi Bamboo Clothing
  • Creative and “Out-of-the Box”

    After only a brief meeting, Dmitri Antos and Magmata completely changed the look of my brand to identify, and very uniquely set me apart from the crowd. Dmitri is the most creative and “out-of-the box” thinking designer I have ever met.
    Eldon Grant - Granted Wisdom Int.
  • What a Great Find!

    I would highly recommend Magmata for any project that requires a deep knowledge of website development. It’s hard to get a spot on my “A” team, Magmata has made the cut with flying colors, and I believe will be a integral part of our success from here on out.
    Michael Lawton, CEO - The Kymberlee Lawton Foundation
  • Personal & Professional

    Since Magmata took over registration, the procedures have become more streamlined, allowing clients to register and pay online with no virtual obstruction. Magmata has been our web designer and administrator for four years, and we have processed thousands of registrations in that time from schools in our area.
    Deborah Solberg, Director - Theatrix Youtheatre Society
  • Very Knowledgeable

    Dmitri Antos from Magmata is very knowledgeable and has been very helpful on our website design and setup. He quickly understands what we want done, and does it quickly with reasonable rates. I would, and have recommended his services to others.
    Wes Arnot, Owner - Sterling Fleet Outfitters
  • Amazing Designer

    Magmata is easy to work with, very responsive, professional and an amazing designer. I was impressed he met me once and seem to KNOW exactly who I was and what I was looking for!
    Jyll Hoyrup, Owner - Jyllicious Wellness Products